Annual bulk waste collections begin Nov. 3

Overtime spent on trash pickup is a key focus of government’s review at the Department of Environmental Health. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

The Department of Environmental Health will begin this year’s annual bulk waste collections early next month.

The collections will begin on Saturday, Nov. 3, in the eastern districts, and will end on Dec. 21 in West Bay.

The DEH is advising members of the public to place their bulk waste on the kerbside before their district’s scheduled collection date (listed below).

“The bulk waste should be in an area that is easily accessible to DEH collection crews and does not obstruct the roadway. DEH will not collect any items that are put out after scheduled dates,” the department noted in its announcement of the collection dates.

Bulk waste refers to large items, such as old furniture, tires and metal items that are not collected as part of the DEH’s weekly residential pick-up services.

The DEH advised that metal waste must be separated from other bulk waste items. Metal waste includes old appliances, metal furniture and metal roofing. Vegetative waste, as well as construction and demolition debris, will not be collected during the bulk waste removal activity. People wishing to dispose of that type of material should make alternative arrangements to transport those items to the nearest landfill, the DEH stated.

The collection dates for each district are as follows:

  • North Side, East End: Nov. 3-9
  • Bodden Town: Nov. 10-23
  • George Town: Nov. 24-Dec. 7
  • West Bay: Dec. 8-21
  • Cayman Brac East: Nov. 28-29
  • Cayman Brac West: Dec. 5-6
  • Cayman Brac South: Dec. 12
  • Little Cayman: Dec. 17 and 19 (tentative)

For more information, call the DEH at 949-6696, email [email protected], visit, or message its Facebook page at