Three men who appeared in Summary Court last week accused of pretending to be National Roads Authority workers were formally advised on Tuesday that the charge of personating a public officer can be dealt with only in Grand Court.

Patrick Sheridan, 21; David Gammell, 20; and John Quilligan, 22, were first brought to court last week accused of falsely representing themselves as NRA employees and, by virtue of such employment, of painting lines in the CashWiz car park on North Church Street on Oct. 26.

Defense attorney James Stenning appeared for them and successfully applied for their bail.

On Tuesday, Magistrate Valdis Foldats explained that personation is a Category A offense, meaning that it can be heard only in the higher court.

Mr. Stenning responded, “We want to go to Grand Court at the earliest opportunity.”

He noted that the defendants were all young men with no previous convictions and their families were very keen to have them return home. Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Quilligan are Irish. Mr. Gammell is British.

The magistrate said the next mention of new indictments would be on Friday, Nov. 16, and he transmitted the case for that date. However, he added, Mr. Stenning was free to schedule a Grand Court hearing before then regarding bail conditions.

The three defendants also faced a new charge – that on Oct. 27 on Dorcy Drive they worked (painting of car parking lines) at Brand Source Home Gallery without a work permit.

No details were discussed in court about the actual painting work at either premises, except that the magistrate did say that the charges of working without a permit would remain in Summary Court.

The three men also face a charge of obtaining property – $672 – by deception with intent to permanently deprive the owner of it. That charge was transmitted to Grand Court along with the personation charge.

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