Warren Samuel Hogarth, who had previously pleaded guilty in the death of motorcyclist Denvil Roy Mitchell, was sentenced to two years and five months in Grand Court on Tuesday.

Mr. Hogarth, 56, will also be disqualified from driving for five years upon his release from prison.

Justice Roger Chapple handed down the sentence Tuesday morning. He said the case was “tragic” for all who were concerned or touched by it. The judge said the case came down to one “stark and simple reality,” noting that the defendant drove after he had too much to drink.

The court heard that Mr. Hogarth’s blood-alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. The motorcycle driver was riding safely and on the right side of the road, and Justice Chapple found that Mr. Hogarth had failed to follow the curvature of the road in front of him.

“No sentence I can pass can turn back the clock or undo what was done,” said Justice Chapple.

Mr. Mitchell, 40, had been employed with the National Roads Authority, and the fatal accident occurred in the vicinity of Countryside Shopping Village in February 2016. Mr. Hogarth was not charged with any offenses until May 2017 and did not immediately plead guilty.

Justice Chapple noted that the defendant was of previously good character and that he seemed to be “full of remorse,” but he also noted that Mr. Hogarth had been involved in a fatal accident 30 years ago. The judge gave no details of that earlier incident, which did not appear in the defendant’s antecedent history.

Justice Chapple said that there must be an element of deterrence in his sentencing, and he said that getting behind the wheel at Mr. Hogarth’s level of intoxication was “the height of irresponsibility.”


  1. Yet again inordinate delays in our legal system without any explanation. Fifteen months before this man is charged and a further 18 months before the case is prosecuted, yet his guilty plea meant the prosecution did not have to prepare for a trial.
    As for the sentence, it is hardly a deterrent, he was twice the legal limit, not to mention a previous incident on his record, and with good behaviour he will be out in 15 months. Drunk driving is a major problem here and this level of sentencing given the circumstances is not going to have any impact.

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