Search under way for girl’s lost bear

CITA reaches out to members to look for missing toy

A family from Illinois visiting the Cayman Islands is desperate to find their little girl’s favorite “Bunny Bear” stuffed animal.

Zoe Hoffmann’s parents think their daughter might have lost it on the airplane or in the vicinity of the Owen Roberts International Airport after exiting a Delta Air Lines flight around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 8.

Zoe’s father Brian Hoffmann said his 10-year-old daughter is heartbroken.

“She had it with her on the plane when we landed and when we got to Hertz car rental company, she realized it was not in her carry on. It was kind of a rough start to our vacation,” Mr. Hoffmann said.

He said Zoe is very attached to the cute little brown bear because it was a gift from her grandmother Rosalind Holden the day she was born.

“It’s a cute little brown teddy bear dressed in a pink bunny costume,” said Mr. Hoffman, describing the cuddly toy. “It’s pretty unique. Zoe was really very mad at herself for losing Bear … we just made the best of our vacation, but she was just heartbroken. Zoe put on a brave face but underneath it all, we all knew Zoe was really sad,” Mr. Hoffmann said.

While on island, the family contacted Delta to see if they had found the toy.

“They were nice and kept telling us they were looking, and they would contact us if it showed up. Up until today [Tuesday], no one has called and said they found it,” he said.

While on island, the family also got in touch with the Cayman Islands Tourism Association about the missing toy. CITA then got involved in the search for Bunny Bear, issuing an advisory asking its members to keep an eye out for the cuddly creature in the hopes that a “Caymankind” reunion could be arranged.

The Hoffmann family are now back in Illinois after ending their vacation to the island on Nov. 12.

Zoe is back at school, but she is still sad, according to the family.

“It’s starting to hit home that she might never get him back, but she is still holding out hope,” Mr. Hoffmann said.

“I showed our daughter the emails that people were searching for her lost Bunny Bear right before she left for school and her smile, with her eyes tearing up with gratitude, was priceless,” Mr. Hoffmann said.

“It’s pretty amazing what everyone is doing to help us locate Bear.”

For any tips or sightings of Mr. Bear, contact CITA at [email protected] or 949-8522.

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