DEH amends Brac bulk waste schedule

Bulk waste collections in areas of Cayman Brac will begin later than originally scheduled, according to the Department of Environmental Health.

Removal of bulk waste items left on roadsides in communities west of the bluff, including Stake Bay, Cotton Tree Bay, Georgiana Drive and West End Road, will now commence on Friday, Dec. 14 and conclude on Monday, Dec. 17.

The bulk waste collections schedule for all other Cayman Brac communities remains unchanged. The department has been making bulk waste collections throughout Grand Cayman in recent weeks. The pick-ups for West Bay, the last of the districts on the DEH schedule on Grand Cayman, will begin this weekend and be completed by Dec. 21, according to an advisory issued by the DEH last month.

“The bulk waste should be in an area that is easily accessible to DEH collection crews and does not obstruct the roadway. DEH will not collect any items that are put out after scheduled dates,” the department noted in its announcement of the collection dates.

Bulk waste refers to large items, such as old furniture, tires and metal items that are not collected as part of the DEH’s weekly residential pick-up services.

For more information on the Brac pick-ups, contact the DEH’s Cayman Brac office at 948-2321 or visit DEH’s website at

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