Eric Bush, the Cayman Islands government representative in London, plans to leave the foreign post and return home this summer.

“I signed up for three years,” Mr. Bush said by phone from the London office.

He took the post on July 1, 2016, not long after a minor scandal with some employees in the London office and just as the U.K. was plunging into crisis.

“One week prior to coming over, the U.K. decided to leave the European Union,” he said. “Everything was in flux.”

Much of the preparation on which he’d spent months suddenly went out the window as the political landscape changed and new people came to power. Terror attacks in the city and a surprise election also made it difficult to find a solid footing, he said.

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In an interview in June 2017, Mr. Bush told the Cayman Compass, “Since being here, nothing has gone to plan.”

Despite such challenges, he feels he has been able to make progress during his time in London.

“I think we’ve put Cayman back on the map in terms of being recognized as a leading overseas territory,” he said. “This [job] is about an ongoing engagement, and I hope I’ll have created a firm foundation for whoever takes this role to build on.”

His replacement has not yet been announced.

Mr. Bush said he is hoping negotiations on alterations to Cayman’s constitution can be completed before he leaves the U.K. Whatever changes might be made, he said, he hopes they will “strengthen the ties between the Cayman Islands and the U.K.”

Mr. Bush’s wife, Laetitia, an attorney, has been working in the Walkers London office. The couple has four children, one of whom was born during their time in England.

When he returns in the summer, Mr. Bush said, he expects to return to work in the government, although he does not know exactly what his job might be.

“My hopes are to come back within the civil service and take up a role where I can use my newfound strengths to help the Cayman people,” he said.

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