David Morritt

When David Morritt started building what’s now known as Morritt’s Tortuga Club in 1989, he envisioned a five-story building to serve as the centerpiece of his development.

“But we couldn’t do the five-story building because they were running out of money and I needed to get something built to get people coming there,” Mr. Morritt said of the initial development.

More than 30 years later, Mr. Morritt said he’s setting out to realize his original dream for the East End time-share property.

He said his company is planning a $30 million project that will entail a new main building with at least 40 units. The developer said he’s hoping to match the height of some of the 10-story hotels on Seven Mile Beach.

The new project is still in its preliminary stages, with Mr. Morritt’s company looking for an architect to design the development, which he hopes to start building within two years.

Once complete, he said, the project will allow the property to fulfill his original plan to the people of Cayman – to bring 30,000 families here per year.

“After 30 years, I’m still keeping my promise,” said the owner of the club, which currently has 15,000 members.

Meanwhile, Mr. Morritt is also moving full steam ahead on his expansion into Canada, with a $25-million, 130-unit property in Mont-Tremblant in Quebec currently in the final planning stages.

He said he started his project there in a similar way to what happened in Cayman more than 30 years ago: He fell in love with the area and purchased an existing resort.

The current 15-room property in Mont-Tremblant, about 80 miles northwest of Montreal, will be open for business in March, said Mr. Morritt, adding that he will build a complex there that will be known as Château Morritt.

The first 21 units of that new complex should be available by next January, he said.

The longtime Cayman tourism figure said he’s been bored over the last few years – the last major expansion of Morritt’s was “The Londoner” property in 2012 – but now he’s reinvigorated to start work on such a massive project.

“I did that 30 years ago,” he said of Morritt’s Tortuga Club. “And I’m now saying, ‘We’re going to show you the next 30 years.’

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

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