Students celebrate writing

Parents and students at St. Ignatius Catholic Primary School check out the ‘Defeating a Monster’ storyboard.

Students at St. Ignatius Catholic Primary School took part in a writing exhibition as part of a “Talk for Writing” program at the school last week.

The program, aimed at children from Nursery (age 3) to Year 6 (age 11), was introduced in the new school year in September to help the students develop and improve their writing skills.

To highlight the children’s work in the program, the school held a writing exhibition, organized by Katherine Johnson, the school’s primary English coordinator. Parents, children and staff came to view the exhibition on Thursday and Friday, when more than 360 pieces of the children’s work were on display.

Shortly before the program launched, staff received five days of training in August from a trainer who has used the program for more than 10 years.

According to a statement from the school, the program involves “engaging children in all aspects of a text, resulting in a deeper understanding of structure, conventions and vocabulary.”

The process involves “talking” the text, through modelling of existing texts, using actions with the children for key words, drawing story maps, reading as a reader/writer and experiencing the text through drama.

Next, the class innovates from the original text, adding their own ideas while following a structure. “There is an opportunity for shared writing where all ideas are valued and children create their own innovations with thoughtful feedback,” the school said in the release.

At this point, the students are then ready to invent their own creative pieces.

Every child, 360 of them from Nursery to Year 6, produced a piece of writing for the Talk for Writing exhibition. The submitted writings included discussion, suspense, time slip, tales of defeating monsters, instructions, and work inspired from favorite books such as “Dear Zoo,” “The Enormous Turnip” and the “Little Red Hen.”

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