KAABOO 2020 ticket sales create headache for fans

KAABOO was the talk of Cayman again on Thursday, but this time it was in stark contrast to the praises that have widely been lavished on the recent two-day festival.

Problems with attempts to purchase pre-sale tickets to the 2020 edition of the festival, offered to those who bought passes for the event last weekend, left many happy KAABOOers frustrated and confused.

The situation reached the point where KAABOO was forced to temporarily cut off ticket sales.

“As you can imagine, we have had an overwhelming amount of traffic to the site, and thus issues with the connectivity to our payment processor transpired,” Jason Felts, chief marketing and brand officer for KAABOO, said in an email. “Rest assured our team are working to resolve these issues immediately. As a result, we have paused the sale of KAABOO 2020 passes temporarily.”

Mr. Felts said he expected the site would be back online and working properly within a short amount of time.

People reported trouble getting onto the KAABOO ticket site. Others said their credit card purchases were repeatedly denied, but they found out later each transaction had gone through, leaving them with more tickets than they intended to buy.

One woman posted on KAABOO’s Facebook page that she had tried to purchase four tickets but was being charged for 48.

Julie Blais said she wanted to buy two Silver Thatch passes at $750. She had made five attempts at purchasing two passes. She called Butterfield Bank to find out why the charge would not go through and was told there were five purchases on her card for nearly $2,000 each.

“I was advised by Butterfield, ‘Don’t try again,’” she said. “The bank has approved the transactions. But up until the time that [KAABOO] says yeah or nay, I can’t spend anything else on my card.”

She’s also not sure whether she has any tickets at all. She never received confirmation on any of her purchase attempts, she said.

“What’s disappointing is the lack of response,” she said, adding that she’d not gotten any response to emails she sent to festival organizers. “During the festival, they were so quick to respond. They should have expected, with the success of the festival, all this would have happened because people wanted [tickets]. It’s a bit disappointing.”

Numerous people expressed frustration that the initial tier of $200 passes appeared to be gone within seconds and that only the second tier, at $260 were available.

“Nobody could get online,” said Sandy Hermiston, who, like other ticket buyers for this year’s festival received an email offering the specially-priced early tickets. “My friends are so frustrated.”

Later in the morning, the basic ticket price appeared to drop back down to $200.

Ms. Hermiston, who is Cayman’s Ombudsman but was speaking as a private citizen, was among those who bought the higher priced pass.

“I’m hoping I can get this refunded,” she said.

Local banks were reportedly inundated by calls from customers such as Ms. Hermiston.

Mr. Felts had not yet responded at press time to questions regarding those who ended up with too many tickets, or those who wondered about refunds when prices temporarily jumped.

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