Letter: On gay marriage and other issues

I am again asking the Minister for the Ministry of Education to look into the footwear at Sir John A. Cumber Primary School. The footwear presently worn by most children at this school is totally unacceptable.

Every day their shoelaces are coming loose which looks sloppy and is unsafe. I strongly suggest that the girls and boys wear dress shoes and sneakers with Velcro for PE or just sneakers with Velcro.

Perhaps an officer from the ministry could take a visit to the school. Litter is also a very important issue at the school.

The principal, teachers, parents and guardians need to talk to the children about the importance of keeping the school clean and beautiful. They could even offer rewards as incentives. Vandalism also needs to be looked into at the school.

I look forward to the Ministry of Education making the change in footwear in the near future.

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DOCK PROJECT – We do not need a new dock and all the things and people that accompany it. We need to keep Cayman as it is and stop with the development process.

We know visitors would love to be greeted by native Caymanians, starting from the airport and the docks, but even that is no more.

We are supposed to be responsible for the welfare of our people but that does not seem to be important any more. All you hear about is more money and development.

The Cayman Islands are unique and we do not want them to become like metropolitan cities.

Remember the words of the person who said what the effect of putting a new dock in George Town would have on our beautiful Seven Mile Beach. Upgrade the facilities at Spotts Dock.

GAY MARRIAGE – This must never be allowed to happen in the Cayman Islands! Caymanians do not wish for any changes in our traditions in relation to this matter. We have rights as islands and we have the right to say no. This type of behaviour must never be encouraged or supported!

THE ROAD FROM REV. BLACKMAN TO STADIUM DRIVE – I have asked government to repair this road on several occasions. Not long after, the National Roads Authority came and filled the potholes.

I prayed that this was not all that they were going to do. I thank them for what they did so far. NRA still has alot of work to do to make our streets safe and we hope these things will be done soon.

DOGS ATTACKING PEDESTRIANS AND CYCLISTS – I read that government has finally started to do something about this serious issue. Something must done about this immediately so the dogs do not cause injury or death. Dog owners also play a big part in this matter. I pray that these dogs will be controlled in the very near future.

I would also like to commend our government for putting a track on the West Bay Primary School field; this will help with the obesity problem here, I hope.

Dora A. E. Ebanks

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