Stingray swimmers make a splash in international meets

Swimmers from Stingray Swim Club and Camana Bay Aquatic Club pose poolside for a group photo.

For competitive swimmers, timing is everything – and for an age group competitive club like the Stingray Swim Club, with swimmers at multiple levels, ensuring that all members have the opportunity to end their season with a championship meet can be a challenge.

This year was no different. Stingray Head Coach David Pursley and Assistant Coach Macon Crowder worked tirelessly to ensure that senior, age group and national team swimmers were all challenged and ready to compete when it was their turn to step on the blocks.

Spread across the world this season, Stingray swimmers focussed on competing hard and having fun.

Senior swimmer Samantha Bailey competed in the New Zealand National Championships. Seniors Alex Dakers, Krishna Adapa and Sarah Jackson travelled to Clearwater for the Spring Florida International Championship Meet. Fifteen swimmers – along with their friends and competitors from Camana Bay Aquatic Club – headed to Jacksonville for an age group international meet, and 12 swimmers travelled to Barbados as members of the Cayman Islands CARIFTA Swim Team.

Coach Pursley said, “Travelling overseas for season ending championship meets provides our swimmers with a depth of competition that isn’t afforded here in Cayman, and they serve as a great barometer of our progress. Swimmers see more competition than what they are normally exposed to, and stepping up in a heat of seven swimmers they have never seen before and do not know brings a different element to competition …”


CARIFTA was the end of season championship meet for swimmers who met the age guidelines and who made qualifying times. With 12 swimmers on the CARIFTA Junior National Team and Coach Pursley travelling with the team, Stingray swimmers helped propel Cayman to its fifth place (in points) and fourth place (in medals) finish in the pool, as well as contributing swimmers and medals to the CARIFTA Open Water competition.

As Stingray gears up for the summer season, with many great things to look forward to, the club’s focus is stronger than ever and team morale is high. Stingray is setting its sights high and looking forward to reaching the top levels. The club has several hopefuls reaching for Pan American Games, Island Games and CCCAN qualifying times, and others looking to land times that will get them noticed by Universities.

The next event for Stingray is the Lions Sprint Meet on Saturday, May 18. Stingray Swim Club hosts this meet in partnership with the Lions Club in recognition of their contributions to swimming.

For information on the Lions Sprint Meet, contact Meet Director Kathy Jackson at [email protected]

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