Pirate couple celebrates Batabano

Ben and Sharon Jones opted to cheer on the passing parade at their first Batabano as a married couple. – PHOTO: Spencer Fordin

How do you top getting married at Pirates Week? By cheering on the passing parade at Batabano.

Ben and Sharon Jones, who became local celebrities for celebrating their nuptials during Pirates Week, opted to be quiet spectators at Saturday’s spectacle of Batabano. The happy couple watched the floats progress down West Bay Road from a comfortable perch in front of Governors Beach.

Ben and Sharon Jones with ‘Jack Sparrow’ at last year’s Pirates Week parade. – Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Sharon Jones was ‘abducted’ from her wedding party by Cayman’s pirates and marched through the streets. Ben Jones said at the time that his wife hadn’t been in on the plan, and he said Saturday that it was a pretty unique wedding to remember.

“Oh man, it was unreal. It was so cool,” said Jones. “For every person we might have seen from the ship, there were five that saw us. It was definitely memorable. We got like 30 copies of the newspaper, far more than we needed. They’re stacked at home in Vancouver. It was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.”

For the first few months after the wedding, the married couple lived apart and kept in touch through Facebook and video calls. Sharon came back to Cayman for a week around Valentine’s Day, and Ben went back to Vancouver around Easter to help her pack up and move to Cayman for good.

Now, Sharon is settled into her new life and searching for a job here in property management. The couple were not sure how to celebrate Batabano but were thrilled to be out of the spotlight Saturday.

“I stumbled upon Batabano last year, but I wasn’t prepared for it,” he said. “This year, Sharon wanted to get all dolled up for it, but I thought we’d just watch from the side for this one. We thought about getting involved and walking behind a float, but it might have been too far to walk in the blazing heat.”

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