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Batabano events to benefit Dialysis Unit

The Dialysis Unit at the Cayman Islands Hospital has once again been chosen as the recipient of part-proceeds from all upcoming 2021 events planned...

Carnival organisations promise two lively weekends

With the recent further relaxing of COVID regulations, the organisers of CayMAS and Batabano are each planning a weekend of revelry. The first will be...

CayMAS goes offroad and online Saturday

Usually, at this time of the year, revellers all bedecked and bejewelled in stunning costumes would be dancing their way down Cayman’s streets to...
Batabano and CayMAS revellers hit the virtual road

Carnivals to hit the virtual road

The COVID-19 lockdown has forced organisers of the 37th annual Batabano parade and CayMAS to turn to creative means, like virtual events, to keep the carnival spirit going.

Carnival road closures pending

Applications for road closures for Cayman’s new carnival events have not yet been sent to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service for approval.

One carnival, two parades

Cayman’s plan for a single carnival parade has now reverted to two separate events.

No road closures granted yet for carnivals

Police Commissioner Derek Byrne has said he is yet to give road closure permission to Batabano and CayMAS.

Clash of the Carnivals

A division within the local carnival community has flared up again as CayMAS organisers rejected government’s carnival dates, maintaining that the Discovery Day (14-18 May) weekend is the best option for Cayman.

Junior Batabano this weekend

Junior Batabano, usually held before the adults have their parade, is actually being held a week later this year. On Saturday, a colourful cavalcade of costumes will descend upon George Town, with the grounds of the Glass House acting as a home base and the location of the associated Family Fun Day.

Letter: Concerned about Batabano and public morality

Are we to complain, on the one hand, about cruise ship tourists parading through town in bikinis, while not only permitting but celebrating the level of public near-nudity and sexual simulation that is the hallmark of Batabano?

EDITORIAL – A welcome reunion of Batabano and CayMAS celebrations

Batabano and CayMAS will both be held on the second weekend of May next year. One after the other, they will follow the same parade route before branching off into separate parties, government has announced.

EDITORIAL – A welcome reunion of Batabano and CayMAS

But by far the most exciting announcement this season has been that next year Batabano and CayMAS will be held on the same day, in one combined event.

Pirate couple celebrates Batabano

How do you top getting married at Pirates Week? By cheering on the passing parade at Batabano.

Batabano delivers carnival flair

The vibrant colours and pulsating percussion of Batabano rocked Seven Mile Beach on Saturday, featuring thousands of costumed dancers and revellers, as well as spectators lined up along the side of the road to cheer them on.

Rival carnivals to merge in 2020

Next year, instead of two separate carnivals staged a couple of weeks apart, the Batabano and CayMAS parades will be held on the same day, the government announced on Friday.

Roads to be closed to traffic for Batabano events

There will be a number of road closures on Friday and Saturday as festivities for the annual Batabano Carnival get under way.

Batabano carnival promises colourful weekend

A flash of feathers and a riot of colour will be taking to the streets of Cayman this weekend as Batabano kicks into high gear.

Jump up for J’Ouvert! Night parade of mud, paint and merriment returns

It is hard to believe it has been a year since Batabano, yet here is the proof. J’Ouvert, the bonkers early parade and breakfast fete will be held on Saturday, starting at 4 a.m.

‘Violin Queen’ to perform at Le Masque

Organisers of Cayman Carnival Batabano are bringing back the festival’s signature dinner show, Le Masque, to Pedro St. James on May 2.

Latin-themed mas band joins Batabano

As carnival season in Cayman approaches, so the mas bands begin to complete their preparations for the big parade along West Bay Road and the festival in George Town.

2 arrested following machete attack

Police arrested two men in connection with an aggravated burglary in which a man suffered head and arm injuries after being struck with a machete at his home in West Bay earlier this week.

EDITORIAL – What we’re watching out for in 2019

As a rule, Compass editors are cautious about indulging in the temptation of attempted prognostication. However, there are some issues and themes, classified as “in progress” or “recurring,” that we expect to find ourselves writing about in the coming year.

CUC plans West Bay service interruption

The CUC advised customers Thursday that there will be a planned service interruption Tuesday morning in the Birch Tree Hill, Mount Pleasant, Barkers, Batabano and The Shores areas in West Bay.

The sweet story of Sticky Toffee Lane

Professional wedding photographer Rebecca Davidson named Sticky Toffee Lane after her family’s favorite dessert – sticky toffee pudding.

Carnival events remain divided

Recent efforts to recombine Cayman’s Carnival events appear to have failed for now.

CayMAS Carnival weekend is here!

Batabano took to the streets on May 5, and now CayMAS is ready to bring the Carnival to Cayman two weeks later.

EDITORIAL – Congratulations to Batabano: The beat goes on!

At age 35 (Who’s counting? We are!), Batabano seems to have a magical or mystical quality not just to stay young but to keep young all Cayman Islanders who participate with abandon in the much-anticipated annual event.

Batabano swaggers down Seven Mile Beach

Scores of feathered and sequined women – and a few men – some wearing the barest of bikinis, strolled and danced their way from Public Beach to George Town along a route strung with enthusiastic supporters.

Batabano hits de road!

First, there was the J’Ouvert Parade and Breakfast Fete; then Junior Batabano last Saturday. Now, after many months of preparation and costume launches, the Outta De Blue Festival and the Adult Parade are finally here.

Organizers: Tunnel no obstacle to Batabano parade

This year’s Batabano parade, which will wend its way from Seven Mile Public Beach to downtown George Town on Saturday, will have to contend with a new structure – the underpass which is under construction on West Bay Road.

Junior Batabano a spectacle of colorful fun

From Angels decked out with jewel-encrusted wings to beautifully designed “Smiling Sunbeams,” Cayman Junior Batabano was a sea of color and laughter on Saturday.

Weekender Spotlight

Vicki Wheaton discusses this weekend's "best bets."

Junior Batabano: Young paraders prepare for pageantry

A record-breaking number of students from government and private schools in the Cayman Islands are busy planning their costume presentation and dance routines for the 15th annual Junior Batabano street parade, set for Saturday.

Road closures for Batabano events

The following road closures will be carried out over the next two weekends to facilitate the annual Batabano carnival and associated events, according to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

J’Ouvert Parade ‘great success’ leading up to Batabano

The J’Ouvert Parade and Breakfast Fete on Saturday was declared a resounding success by Batabano organizer Donna Myrie. Those willing to start a party at 4 a.m. were not disappointed when they showed up at the secret location, revealed only at midnight.

Jump up for J’Ouvert!

Carnival season is nearly upon us, bringing colorful costumes and live music to the streets of Cayman. Before the big parades, however, there are pre-events well worth attending. One of the most popular of these is Batabano’s J’Ouvert Parade and Breakfast Fete, held this year on April 14.

Batabano groups prepare for Carnival season

Carnival Nationz was the latest Batabano mas band to launch its costume lineup on Feb. 17 at George Town Yacht Club, after Tribal Carnival held its launch on Jan. 12 at Margaritaville and Fresh Carnival revealed all on Jan. 20 at Pedro St. James.

Batabano delivers kaleidoscope of culture and color

Cayman’s annual carnival took to the road Saturday, with thousands lining the parade route to take in the montage of culture and color.

Batabano Carnival takes to de road

When you feel West Bay Road throbbing to the rhythm of dancing feet and music, you will know that Batabano is back. Batabano Carnival brings a riot of color to Cayman as costumed performers make their way down the streets, entertaining passersby and those lining the route waiting for the parade.

The parade

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Road closures for Batabano

A number of roads will be closed for the Batabano Friday Night Fete, Saturday Food Festival, Road Parade and Street Concert.

EDITORIAL – Batabano: Don’t stop the carnival(s)

We’d tell readers to watch out – but there’s no way to miss it. On Saturday afternoon, thousands of colorfully clad revelers will descend upon the streets of Grand Cayman for the biggest parade in the country.

Junior Batabano showcases beautiful costumes, cultural flair

Hundreds of young participants paraded through George Town for the 15th Junior Batabano Street Parade on Saturday, showcasing beautiful costumes and cultural flair.

Junior Batabano showcases beautiful costumes, cultural flair

Hundreds of young participants paraded through George Town for the 15th Junior Batabano Street Parade on Saturday, showcasing beautiful costumes and cultural flair.

J’Ouvert is carnival party for early birds

For the second time, Cayman Carnival is bringing a J’Ouvert Parade to Cayman as part of the annual Batabano festival.

Cayman National Bank supports Batabano

Cayman National Bank has signed on as the official sponsor of the “Blocko with Pan Beat Competition” on April 29 during Cayman Carnival’s Junior Batabano. “As the local community bank, Cayman National is proud to celebrate our culture and showcase the beauty of our island and talent of our people through Batabano.”

West Bay women fight back

About 40 women, from teenagers to retirees, participated in a free self-defense class Saturday in the wake of a string of indecent assaults, purse snatchings and other attacks in West Bay district since October.

Batabano mas bands form association

Cayman masquerade “mas” bands have teamed up to form the first Cayman Islands Masquerade Bands Association. To show their support for Cayman Batabano Carnival, the new association is hosting an “All Ah We” band launch at the Strand on West Bay Road.

Batabano carnival returns May 4-6, 2017

The 2017 Batabano carnival will be held May 4-6, with Junior Batabano on April 29, organizers said Monday.

Carnival couture queen reigns supreme

Larger-than-life and infinitely more colorful than the show-stopping costumes she creates, Reba Dilbert is Cayman’s carnival and pageant couture queen.

Carnival time for the Brac

Cayman Brac celebrates its carnival this weekend with the annual Braccanal festivities.

Carnival time in Cayman

Thousands of carnival-goers dressed in the distinctive, colorful costumes of Batabano, filled the streets of Grand Cayman on Saturday as the country came together for the annual festival.

Cayman Carnival Batabano hits de road

The bar hops, the Junior Batabano and J’Ouvert parades have all been leading up to this: the weekend of music, entertainment and the adult parade on Friday and Saturday.

Cayman in Focus: Junior Batabano takes to the roads

A week before the main Batabano carnival, students donned headdresses, beads and elaborate costumes for the Neverland-themed Junior Batabano parade, Saturday

Mardi Gras: Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Gather ye bead necklaces while ye may, as Cayman Mardi Gras is returning to George Town for a three-day celebration of music and dancing from Monday through Wednesday next week.

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