Updated: Police car involved in collision

A police car and a Honda Civic collided at the top of Northward Road. - Photo: Taneos Ramsay

Four children and two police officers were among eight people taken to hospital Thursday after a police SUV in the process of escorting an inmate from Northward Prison to court was involved in a car accident on Shamrock Road in Bodden Town.

The collision, which occurred just after 9:30am, happened at the junction of Northward Road and Shamrock Road.

Two police vehicles were escorting a van from the prison, and a passenger car headed eastbound collided with the police vehicle at the rear of the convoy. The inmate was returned safely to Northward Prison.

There were two adults and four children in the civilian vehicle involved in the accident, and two police officers were riding in the police Ford Explorer SUV. All eight occupants of the vehicles were transported to a hospital, but the injuries sustained in the accident were believed to be minor, police said.

Emergency medical services, including a paediatrician, attended the scene. The eastbound lane of Shamrock Road was temporarily closed, with traffic being diverted onto Will T Lane.

The accident had a knock-on effect at court on Thursday morning. A number of defendants who were expected in Summary Court instead had to be presented by videolink from Northward Prison.

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