Cayman’s most experienced volleyball players gave an assist to their younger counterparts in May.

The annual BIG-little Beach Volleyball Tournament took place on 25 May, pairing youth players from ages 8 to 18 with veteran players 19 and older. The event, hosted by the Cayman Islands Volleyball Federation, aims to stoke appreciation for the game for participants of all ages.

“I had such a fun afternoon playing in the BIG-little tournament,” said Cayman national team member Jessica Wolfenden of participating in the tournament. “It was fantastic to see so many young players out there, as well as many ‘big’ players who came out to mentor and guide the ‘littles.’ This is a wonderful CIVF tradition that builds community and gives everyone a chance to learn from one another.”

More than 30 ‘littles’ came out for this year’s tournament, and members of the Youth National Team got an opportunity to dig, set and spike alongside their more experienced counterparts.

“In the BIG-little tournament, I was able to get some well-needed feedback and even little fixes which may not have been caught in practices,” said Megan McCoombs, member of the girls’ Youth National Team.

“Although there were wins and losses along the way, at least at the end of the day each player was able to walk away from the experience with valuable insight into their own personal game.”