Letter: Appreciating our heritage

Your editorial ‘Bringing our history to life’ (Cayman Compass, 4 June) strikes an important note in today’s world where there is the need to recognise and appreciate our heritage, and sensitise citizens to important issues that have shaped our behaviour and thinking, and provides an anchor that enables reflection, which fosters a sense of consciousness of who we are, providing a GPS for where we need to go.

You are correct in describing history as the story of how we came to be here in this place and moment. This knowledge provides structure and meaning to our lives, as well as a sense of identity and purpose.

I particularly like your views on the oral history project. Here, younger citizens can acquire real knowledge from real people, with real experiences. This enriches their ideas about the challenges people faced, how they approached them, and what solutions were advanced to solve these issues.

It also helps the young to relate past experiences to the present era, which provides soil for correcting ills and moving forward in more creative ways. Oral history further shows how the past, present and future are intertwined, and are not separate and distinct.

Oliver Mills

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