Clothing swap offers ‘new to you’ opportunities

The Mojo Gastro Pub is located in Bayshore Mall in George Town.

Most people are familiar with the phrase ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’, which can certainly be applied to a clothing swap event.

What is a clothing swap? Pretty much what the name implies. It is when all participants bring clothes they can either no longer wear, or do not wish to wear, in the hope that someone else will want them. In exchange, they may find something to take home that another person has discarded.

The Mojo Gastro Pub in Bayshore Mall is offering a Tinder service for clothes, if you will, on Friday evening. From 6-8pm, attendees can shop to their hearts’ content with no money changing hands.

This is a great opportunity to go digging into your closet and find outfits that pinch in all the wrong places or are the completely wrong colour for your skin tone. As Marie Kondo often asks, are they still sparking joy? If not, swap ‘em out! Just remember that the clothes must be in good condition. Stained or ripped offerings will not be accepted.

All clothing must be dropped off before the event, between 9am and 2pm on Friday, and hangers will be provided. Each person can bring up to 10 garments of ‘swap currency’ to be exchanged, and for each garment they receive a token which can be used to ‘buy’ any piece they find at the event that they fancy.

Although there is no entry fee, attendees are encouraged to donate $10 to Plastic Free Cayman. In exchange, they are entitled to 10% off at Mojo, Lucky Slice and Cayman Creperie on the day.

For every item of clothing each person brings, up to 10 items, they will receive a token which they can use to ‘purchase’ other pieces.

Clothing swaps are considered not only a good way to revive and refresh one’s wardrobe, but are also considered an act of environmentalism. What better way to recycle than to bring joy to someone else?

For more information about upcoming Mojo Gastro Pub events, visit the venue’s Facebook page or call 949‑3456.

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