After much discussion between the Cayman Islands government and relevant stakeholders, it has been decided that the Cayman Carnival dates will remain in May for 2020.

The discussions have been focussed on making better decisions about how the festival could best be modelled after the successes of regional partners in hosting a unified carnival and creating an outstanding experience.

The Ministry of Culture received submissions questioning the choice of May to hold Cayman Carnival, with Bahamas Carnival scheduled for the first weekend of May; Mother’s Day in the second weekend; and Braccanal on the third weekend. The public holiday weekend in June was also explored; however, this was met with concerns about the Queen’s birthday parade held in George Town.

“This was not an easy task and required many proposals and counter-proposals with stakeholders and vested parties,” said Minister Dwayne Seymour. “At this time we believe we have gained the majority buy-in and have made final decisions to accommodate the start of 2020 bookings.”

The dates will be as originally announced: The first weekend of May will be Junior Carnival; the second weekend of May will be Cayman Carnival; and the third weekend (Discovery Day public holiday weekend) will be Braccanal.

“The Ministry will continue to listen to our stakeholders on an annual basis and make adjustments as necessary,” said Seymour. “We would like to thank all parties for their submissions, communications and the healthy discussions that have led to this decision.

“We encourage all to try to make these dates work and look forward to continued Carnival success for the Cayman Islands,” he concluded.