A tropical wave moving over the Eastern Caribbean has a 10% chance of developing into a cyclone in the next five days, according to the US National Hurricane Center. That estimate was lowered Monday from an initial forecast of a 20% chance. Local experts say it poses no concern to Cayman at present.

“It’s basically a wave/trough that is tracking across more the Bahamas and Cuba,” said meteorologist Shamal Clarke of the Cayman Islands National Weather Service.

He said the system is expected to move across Hispaniola and on to Florida in the coming days.

According to the Hurricane Center, the wave “could still produce an increase in cloudiness and thunderstorms over Puerto Rico, the Greater Antilles and portions of the Bahamas during the next few days.”

Atmospheric conditions, as well as land effects, should inhibit the development of this system as it moves west-northwestward for the next several days, the website said.