A charity campaign has been launched in the Cayman Islands to help fund safe, clean water for children in Uganda.

The Great Lemonade Challenge encourages people in Cayman to make and sell homemade lemonade throughout the community.

Organised by Vagabond Media Group and Cayman Water, the campaign aims to raise money to help build a well in Uganda which will supply an entire village with easily accessible, clean and safe water.

“We are extremely lucky in Cayman to be able to drink water from the tap, whereas many in the world, particularly in Africa, don’t have this privilege,” said Monica Walton, founder of Vagabond Media Group, who travelled to Uganda this summer with a charity from Texas, Water To Thrive.

“This campaign, if successful,” she said, “will provide access to clean water for an entire community who are facing life-threatening, waterborne diseases. It also aims to teach young children the importance of water and giving back.”

In Cayman, approximately 6 million gallons of water is produced per day. In sub-Saharan Africa, 40% of the region is without access to clean safe water. Every 90 seconds, a child dies of a waterborne disease, according to the campaign group.

Manuel Thomaz, general manager of Cayman Water, said, “The nature of this campaign undertaken by Cayman Water Company touches two areas very near and dear to us: safe drinking water and children, especially those in need. The monies raised by the Cayman Community will go towards supplying safe drinking water to a school in one of the neediest areas in the world.

“The Cayman Water team strives every day to ensure that our residents and tourists never have to think twice about the safety of their drinking water. We encourage every family and business to participate in this worthy venture, as a way of paying it forward to our neighbours across the world.”

For more information on how to start your Lemonade challenge, call 814‑1932 or email [email protected]

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