Photographer captures Cayman lightning storm

Lightning over the North Sound. - Photo: Andrea Iallorenzi

Andrea Iallorenzi of Cayman Islands Photos was out in Wednesday night’s storm on Grand Cayman and took this photograph of lightning over the North Sound.

He shot the photo by the Barcadere George Town Yacht Club around 10pm, as lightning and thunder rocked the island.

He described how he captured the shot, combining a long-exposure with compositing.

“The camera I am using, an Olympus M5 mark II (micro 4/3) With kit lenses 14-42mm, was set with an ISO 200 14mm at 1 second.

“Once the camera is set for the first shot – I had to use manual focus as the sound was very dark – and it works by first taking a base image and after that first exposure, it takes a series of further exposures while registering only the parts that have new bright pixels in them.

“It took me about 10 minutes to take the shot.”