Officers of the Public Lands Commission will be out and about over the next few weeks replacing missing or damaged signs on the island’s beach access paths.

A 2017 Beach Access Report by the Lands and Survey Department highlighted that the vast majority of registered public beach access paths were blocked, neglected, overgrown with vegetation, or lacked proper signage.

The report found that of the 108 registered public rights of way in Grand Cayman, only 17 were listed as clear with signs. The other 91 were fully or partially blocked, or were missing signs.

The commission oversaw the installation of 40 new signs in August last year, and that process has resumed this week.

Winsome Prendergast, chief inspector with the commission, said there were still just over 50 registered beach accesses that have yet to have a sign erected clearly marking their location and signalling the right of public access to the sea.

She said, “The process was started but it was not completed. People will see us coming around and doing that over the next few weeks.”