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Development is spoiling Cayman

The charm of Cayman is rapidly fading. No more high rises. Will be just another Miami Beach!  When is enough, enough from Dart? It makes...

Opposition mounts over Dart’s latest new-town plan

Objectors are voicing their opposition to Dart's plan to create a major new development between the Cayman Islands Yacht Club and the Kimpton Seafire.

Blocked Pedro St. James beach access to reopen

A registered beach access near the historic Pedro St. James site that was blocked for safety reasons will be reopened to the public once appropriate signage is posted, Chief Inspector Winsome Prendergast has confirmed.

Controversy over blocked West Bay beach access

The obstruction of a beach access path at the end of Uncle Bob Road, in West Bay, is drawing the ire of the community while an adjacent land owner says he's done nothing wrong. 

How accessible are beach accesses?

A closer look at beach rights of way along the main roads from East End to West Bay.

Fewer beach accesses blocked

Of Cayman’s 108 registered beach-access paths, nearly a half – 55 – remain blocked to the public or have no identifying signage, according to figures supplied by the Public Lands Commission.

Reimagining Cayman: 7 ways the island could develop smarter in the future

If Cayman's population continues to grow, adopting modern development principles will help lessen any impact on the environment and way of life on the island, argues architect Mike Stroh.

Public rights of way motion withdrawn

Savannah MLA Anthony Eden has called for more education on the mechanisms available to the public when it comes to protecting rights of way when accessing local beaches.

Residents hit the beaches under relaxed rules

Many Cayman Islands residents made their way to the beach Tuesday to exercise. It marked the first time in more than a month those living in Grand Cayman could access the water.

Group seeks judicial review over beach access

A group of citizens seeking a judicial review over public access to beaches in the Cayman Islands will have to wait at least five weeks before finding out if a judge will give them leave to pursue legal action against government.

Beach-access fight heads to court

Government is facing legal action over its decision not to register more than 200 historic rights of way to the beach. A court date has...

Wall goes up near Public Beach

The number of open areas that provide a glimpse of Cayman’s beautiful turquoise waters along West Bay Road continue to decline as a concrete wall is being built adjacent to Seven Mile Public Beach.

Beach access signs being erected

Officers of the Public Lands Commission will be out and about over the next few weeks replacing missing or damaged signs on the island’s beach access paths.

Action group takes beach-access fight to Grand Court

A group of retired Caymanians is taking government to court over its refusal to officially register some 200 beach access paths.

Plans for Cayman kai spark debate over beach access

Plans for public toilets and a parking lot at a small public beach in Cayman Kai have been approved despite strong objections from neighboring residents.

New public beach access signs erected

The first 40 newly designed public beach access signs have been erected across Grand Cayman on sites where access is open and clear, according to the Public Lands Commission.

Minister: Beach access in every district

Cayman Islands lawmakers agreed this week to set aside $10 million to purchase land, including beachfront properties and beach access pathways, for future public use.

Action group granted legal aid to fight for beach access

Government could face legal action over its refusal to officially register some 200 beach access paths.

‘All they have to do is move one dotted line’

On South Sound Road, a broad, well maintained path provides easy access to a crescent-shaped beach that curves toward the horizon.

Report finds issues with most beach access paths

The vast majority of public access paths to Cayman Islands beaches are either blocked, neglected and overgrown with vegetation, or lacking proper signs, according to a comprehensive survey.

Concerned Citizens Group continues beach access fight

A long-established grassroots campaign is continuing efforts to register more than 200 beach access paths – protecting them from development and preserving them for public use.

New plan to enforce beach access rights

Landowners who block established public rights of way through their properties to the beach could face court action from government under new legislative amendments tabled this week.

Beach access

‘Keyholders only’: Battle over beach access paths

From a busy stretch of West Bay Road, the distinctive beach access sign directs tourists and residents down an overgrown but serviceable path, in the direction of the ocean. It curves through several condominium developments for some 500 feet before traversing a quiet residential street.

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