Development is spoiling Cayman

The charm of Cayman is rapidly fading. No more high rises. Will be just another Miami Beach! 

When is enough, enough from Dart? It makes me sad. Access to beaches is diminishing. 

There will always be banking, but tourism will fade, as people discover other beautiful, less-developed/populated islands. People should have more of a say in the proposed ‘progress’ plans for the island.

Sally Smith

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  1. You have it exactly opposite in my opinion. Cayman is going to be great in future.. More beautiful, more accessible and a place I’m proud to spend time, bring and entertain friends. Sadly, and not because anyone wishes it to be so but it is banking that is fading while tourism and luxury grow. The Cayman Islands is going to be the Monaco of the Caribbean on our lifetime. The names on the mailboxes here may change but this place will get better and better, because of growth.. “This is the best place Earth to live” — more people have told me those words in the last 5 years than I heard in the 15 years before. The Development has made it livable and desirable and more permanent. I respect that you don’t like that. I respect your right to leave. Little Cayman and the Brac are quiet and gorgeous. Perhaps that is a spot for you to discover if you really are put off by the miracle we have growing here.

    • Ironically, Cayman Brac is now giving up acres of its land for black hawk helicopters, and the drones won’t be far behind despite what they say…I wish they could have kept Brac free of developers and opportunists, but unfortunately, it looks like Little Cayman may be the only escape in the near future for the naturalists.
      We do have nostalgia for the way Seven Mile Beach looked and felt before the high-rises…a proper island paradise. Despite our love for the island not waning because of the development, it does make me sad it has lost its charm, and resembles more like a coastal city town in the states.

  2. I’m retired 68 yo. I love it. It keeps getting better and better each year. All 11 kids and 17 grandkids love it. So much more to do. We keep bringing up the environment like we are doing something bad. But the only thing I don’t like is pick up your garbage and your dog feces. Plus, I haven’t heard any tours to the swamp that didn’t include entering it from the sea. I agree with the other commenter, Frank. Go to Little Cayman or Cayman Brac. Maybe see Northside or East End? None of those areas have changed.