The Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing’s inspection pit at its Crewe Road location will be closed on Wednesdays for the foreseeable future, starting on 28 Aug.

The DVDL advised that the inspection pit will be open for business as usual on all other business days.

The inspection pit at the DVDL’s premises in Breakers will remain open as usual. The DVDL also stated that members of the public wishing to have their vehicles inspected on a Wednesday can visit any of the authorised private garages.

“The public will be advised of the re-opening of the inspection pit on Wednesdays at Crewe Road,” the DVDL said in a press release.


  1. This press release is dismissive of the DVDL’s customers and that’s putting it mildly. We are advised the Crewe Rd pit will be closed for the “foreseeable future” but no reason is given for the closure?, and who wants to drive all the way to Breakers?.

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