Letter: Bars, restaurants not recycling cans

During a recent visit to the Department of Environmental Health’s recycling facility, it came as no surprise that the largest percentage of aluminium cans placed in recycling, apart from soda cans, are indeed beer cans.

What did come as a surprise, and a huge disappointment, was learning that the majority of these cans are placed into recycling bins by members of the general public, be it residents or visitors, from their private consumption and NOT from local vendors (bars, restaurants, etc.)

It was disheartening to learn that a large percentage of these establishments do not in any way recycle the aluminium cans sold and consumed on their premises. One of the excuses given to the DEH representative was that the staff were too busy to separate the cans and they had no manpower to deliver them to a recycling bin in the area. What a poor and irresponsible excuse!

If nothing else, I hope that, moving forward, patrons of such facilities will become more responsible and take a stand against purchasing these items and/or frequenting these premises when they discover the negligent attitude taking place by these business owners.

There is only one Cayman Islands. There is only one Earth. So play your part in being more educated and more responsible for saving both – one aluminium can at a time.

Philippa Walsh