We do not need a dock! It will destroy our ocean floor and, I believe, will cause diverse effects. Some time ago, I read about what it would do to our beautiful Seven Mile Beach. It, if I remember correctly, was written by an elderly Caymanian seaman.

From the time our people had to do a petition, the government should know that the idea should be squashed. Caymanians should never have to petition about anything. Our government is supposed to respect the wishes of our people. If you see a petition going around for signatures, something is wrong. These people voted for the MLAs that are in office and they are supposed to be working for us, not against us.

Not only will Caymanians become unemployed, the tenders will not be needed any longer and the tender company has been providing this service for all these years. More foreigners, and I am not prejudiced, will need to be brought here to build a dock of this magnitude. The project will definitely take years to build so their families will have to come and they will most likely have children being born here.

Cayman, in my opinion, cannot cope with this type of activity. We do not have the housing to accommodate these people, we do not have the schools, our roads are already crowded.
This idea about a dock needs to go. We can continue like we have been doing all these years.

What I suggest is a better arrangement be made at the South and North Terminals so we do not have our people standing around with posters (can we have booths?) like they are competing for their share of the pie. By the way, how often is the South Terminal used?

Another suggestion that I made from years ago is that government upgrade the facilities at the Spotts Dock. When the weather is rough in George Town and the cruise ships can take their passengers to that side of the island, (last I saw it) it needed more restrooms, it needed shelter from the rain, it needed seating space and how about maybe some food and souvenir outlets that Caymanians can work in. I definitely think that the Spotts Dock needs upgrading and has needed this for a very long time. Why do not we do something like that and employ Caymanian men and women to do the job. Perhaps some of our teenage youths can find work in their spare time and holidays too.

Dora A.E. Ebanks