Letter: Light railway needed

I view the idea of a super-dock for super cruise-ships as over-development which will mainly be of benefit to the retailers of George Town and far less so to the island community as a whole, and might well kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

I suggest that the funding and effort should go to the building of a light-railway from one end of the island to the other.

This would:

  1. Be a tourist attraction to tour the island in air-conditioned, as well as open carriages; a railway being an almost unique novelty in the Caribbean.
  2. Be a practical means of commuting to work or basic travel needs.
  3. Help with the rush-hour traffic problems.
  4. Be environmentally friendly. Seven Mile Beach and the corals around George Town would not be harmed. Air pollution would be far less than the hundreds of road vehicles that it could replace.
  5. Provide as much temporary and permanent employment as building the super-dock would, if not more.
  6. Be of greater benefit to the people of the whole island – school children; people without motor vehicles; the older members of society; and every man and his dog throughout the entire island.

I am sure that there are many other benefits that such a scheme would provide.

Roland Long


  1. I think we should do both. Since it seems the pier is not going to cost the government any money it is not an one or the other. The question becomes where is the money going to come for a light rail.?? It is a great idea

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