Man sentenced for importing meth

Orane Hare, 28, was sentenced to nine months in prison Tuesday for importing methamphetamine.

The court heard that a package arrived addressed to Hare at the airport post office on 10 May this year. Customs officers who inspected the package found a heat-sealed envelope containing 28.3 grams of a white powdery substance, which was later found to be methamphetamine. Officers also found trace amounts of the drug ketamine.

A few days later, Hare arrived at the post office, presented his ID and tracking number receipt and claimed the envelope.

When officers arrested Hare, he initially told them he was picking up the package for his “cousin” Kevin. When they checked out his story, the officers found he did not have a cousin by the name of Kevin.

In court on Tuesday, Crown prosecutor Darlene Oko told Magistrate Grace Donalds, “Hare has spent the last five months in remand. However, the Crown finds that it may not be enough, given the amount of drugs that was imported.”

Hare’s lawyer, Jonathon Hughes, told the court his client was “economically vulnerable”.

“Hare is a Jamaican man who earns $250 per week,” said Hughes. “He was exploited, like so many other young men. The police have indicated there is a network of individuals who disguise themselves, by paying them [young men] to put their name and address on packages and then go and pick it up from the post office.”

The lawyer told the court that in the social inquiry report, Hare said, “It was just pure pressure, I just wanted to fit in. … I have learnt my lesson, and I just want to go home.”

Magistrate Donalds, in imposing the nine-month sentence, took Hare’s guilty plea into account. The time spent in custody is to be deducted from his sentence, and a deportation order has been made.