A week of sporadic heavy showers brought 3.74 inches of rainfall across Grand Cayman and some parts of the Sister Islands.

Since the beginning of the rainy season in May, Cayman has seen 25.9 inches of rainfall, according to the Cayman Islands National Weather Service.

May and June were the rainiest months with 6.29 and 6.65 inches of rainfall, respectively. Together, both months produced more than 50% of the wet season’s rainfall.

The recent showers caused flooding in some low-lying communities, as well as in pasture lands across Grand Cayman.

So far this month, Cayman recorded 0.62 inches more than throughout the entire of October 2018, when 3.12 inches of total rain fell.

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Despite the recent heavy rain, Cayman is recording an overall rainfall deficit when compared to last year’s wet season.

Between May and September 2018, Cayman recorded 33.65 inches of rainfall. During the same time this year, 22.16 inches were recorded, resulting in a rainfall deficit of -11.49.

National Weather Service forecaster Allan Ebanks said that deficit is expected to shrink, but not by much.

“We do expect some showers during the next few days,” said Ebanks. “But it is not possible to predict the rainfall in the rest of the month.

“However, most of the showers that we expected have already happened.”

Between 2016 and 2017, Cayman recorded an 18-month drought, which hampered some sections of the islands’ agriculture.

The drought was broken in 2018, and rainfall levels maintained a steady increase right through 2019.

However, when compared to Cayman’s 30-year average, rainfall levels are still -10.42 inches.


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