Good enough is not good enough

We continue to witness the constant erosion of the historic foundation laid down by our ancestors who shaped this beautiful country in which we live and left behind great examples of what hard work can achieve.

It seems to me that we have become comfortable with the idea that good enough is the only reward for hard work so therefore we settle. We see a society that is largely made up of those who daily go to work and go home. Rarely do we ever see those individuals evolving or investing in the development of our people. So therefore this mentality of being comfortable has been adopted and carried forward throughout generations.

A great poet once said, “those who settle for good enough are lacking imagination”. I only say that to say this: we must not limit ourselves to what government’s and private interest groups have successfully created over the last five decades to strong-arm and suppress our ability to be great contributors and make our mark in this society. A mark to be carried forward and written in history.

Whilst preventing our people from having a seat at the table where the machinery that runs and controls our industries that we depend on for work is being decided without us. We can’t allow this to happen anymore.

Change is needed now to secure our place in the history books, reclaiming the reputation of a smart, ambitious, creative, resilient people.

I would love to be a reflection of our past and a warrior in the fight for our future moving our people from the armpits of suppression and the mentality of institutionalised slaves, to have a place of freedom where expressions and the power of our knowledge along with ambition can once again be applied as new foundations and examples for the next generation.

After many conversations, along with countless hours of reading, I have come to the realisation that education is the genesis of most of mankind’s struggles. Young and old, black or white, we face the same demons when we are measured by what we know and what colour we are.

Once we have accepted that we are all equal under the natural lens of Mother Nature and use this to our advantage and unite our efforts to become more aware and educated, only then we can see the true greatness that has been sleeping deep within us. Unity plus knowledge is true freedom.

– Mario Rankin

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