Attempted theft at George Town jewellery store

Police are investigating an attempted theft from a jewellery store on Edward Street in George Town.

According to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, around 2:30pm Monday, two men entered the store and engaged in conversation with a member of staff, inspecting several items of jewellery.

The employee became suspicious upon noticing that one of the men seemed to be trying to distract attention from the other. The staff member confronted the men, who discarded some items of jewelry that they had been attempting to conceal.

The men then pushed past the staff member and fled the store, heading east along Dr. Roy’s Drive.

One of the suspects is described as being tall and of slim build, with dark complexion. He was wearing a dark-coloured baseball hat, white shirt, long dark pants and slippers. The second suspect is described as being shorter than the first and also of dark complexion. He was wearing a dark-coloured long-sleeved hoodie, dark shorts and black shoes. Both men were unarmed.