Seniors still have a lot to give

It has been great to see and read all the coverage of Older Persons Month and the four weeks of activities during October.

Also, the understanding that it is not just what these people did to make Cayman what it is today, but also what they can still do, given their wisdom and experience – especially the way things are these days.

I am reminded of that song by Harry Belafonte titled ‘Angelique-O’, the lyrics of which include:

Your mama got to take you back
Teach you all the things you lack

You never got time to sweep the dirt
Never got time to wash a shirt

You never got time to cut and peel
Think you can make it on sex appeal

You never learnt how to make a stew
Your biscuits I can hardly chew

And so on.

I think you get my point.

With every best wish.

Mike Spragg