Dismayed by litter found on Cayman’s beaches

My first trip to Cayman (and to the Caribbean). I am staying at a resort on the east end of the island. I had envisioned long picturesque walks on sandy beaches.

What I encountered was a rude awakening: beaches littered in plastic of all types – bottles, bags, plastic tubes, Styrofoam, footwear, cutlery, etc. A real eye-opener in better understanding and appreciating the magnitude of the global plastic crisis. Not sure the source of this garbage – domestic, cruise ships or coming from abroad – but a problem for Cayman, nonetheless.

These littered beaches are definitely not family or tourist friendly. I couldn’t imagine letting small children play on these beaches. So, regardless of source, I would think this is a real problem for an economy that is so tourism dependent.

Seeing beaches and shoreline in this littered state troubled me so much that for the last three mornings I have been picking plastic garbage off the beaches around our resort and have cleared about 300 to 400 metres of shoreline from the worst of the plastic garbage. I will continue to do so for the remainder of my stay on Cayman.

So, I will leave Cayman knowing that, in some small way, I left it a better place than I found it. I only hope that the leaders in your country appreciate the magnitude of this problem and are taking meaningful steps to address it.

Doug Varty

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