The cruise port will spoil Cayman

I am writing today to offer my two cents on the proposed cruise port.

We have been to the Cayman Islands many times and it is what I call my ‘Happy Place’. So much so, that in the summer of 2018 I became ill and there were questions as to my survival. While I was in immense pain, I recall my wife telling me to go to my happy place. When I was in the ER, the doctor asked if I knew where I was. I said “Yes, on the beach in Cayman.” The doctor looked confused, but my wife smiled.

The Cayman Islands hold a special place in our family’s hearts and the cruise port will ruin the many parts of the island, from the beautiful diving opportunities with by far some of the best spots in the world.

We love the safety of the island which is one of the safest places we have ever been. A cruise port will most likely change that. We do not feel harassed by excursion companies on the island which is not the same case on other islands.

I hope and pray the government leaders do not change the island dynamics by building the proposed port.

Tom Davis

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