OceanMed, a medical facility that focusses exclusively on women’s health, officially opened its doors on Tuesday, 5 Nov.

The ceremony marking the opening of the advanced screening and diagnostics clinic, in Bayshore Mall, George Town, was attended by government officials, medical professionals and members of the community.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and MLA Barbara Conolly assisted with the official ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The facility provides access to personalised care with advanced screening and diagnostics, with a range of radiology-based medical screening and tests. The clinic offers a women’s healthcare coordinator to patients at no cost, and charges standard insurance rates to provide access to the entire community.

Shahla Powery, managing director of OceanMed, said: “As a woman, I saw the dire need for a facility like OceanMed to ensure the women of our nation had access to the best possible resources for their health, and to offer it at a cost that means women from all walks of life can afford to use it. We are excited and honoured to have now opened our doors to the women of the Cayman Islands.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson and MLA Barbara Conolly cut the ribbon at OceanMed’s official opening on 5 Nov.

One of the key features of the new facility is the mix of experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, the company said in a press release. OceanMed has a full-time obstetrician/gynaecologist and radiologist for fast image interpretation and reporting, and a women’s health care coordinator.

The 4D ultrasound technology allows women to see their babies in real time, in a room that is designed for on-site gender reveals.

The clinic’s equipment includes ABUS, a 3D automated breast ultrasound for better detection of abnormalities without ionising radiation; the Senographe Pristina, a 3D mammography with patient-controlled compression; the Affirm Prone Biopsy System that eliminates  a patient’s direct view of the needle; and new 3D technology for faster, more comfortable and accurate procedures.

OceanMed said the facility features a patient lounge for women to relax and calm anxieties prior to diagnostic procedures, and multi-sensory exam suites equipped with calming visuals, music, and aromatherapy to take patients’ focus away from any procedures taking place.