The status of the Caymanian Voices National Survey remains uncertain should the 19 Dec. cruise port referendum be delayed due to legal action, CNVS members said Tuesday during a press conference at the headquarters of George Town Central MLA Kenneth Bryan.

“If the referendum doesn’t go through, we would have to take some serious consideration to delay it until whenever the referendum does go forward,” said Bryan, who also serves as CNVS chairperson.

The National Trust for the Cayman Islands earlier this week initiated legal action in hopes of delaying the national vote on government’s proposed $200 million cruise berthing and cargo port project.

Bryan and his team will be out on Referendum Day to survey voters, he said. The plan included CVNS handing out surveys with six questions aimed a gauging the public’s temperature on issues like gambling, ganja and same-sex marriage.

The MLA said the group’s nine-person leadership team had not yet discussed plans should the national referendum be delayed. He did, however, describe the question on same-sex marriage as especially important following the Court of Appeal’s recent mandate that government create the framework for an institution legally equivalent of marriage for same-sex couples.

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“With the fact that legislators now have to make a decision on framework, I think sending a message by way of your answer will be very helpful to the movement of the country’s direction,” Bryan said.

The group also said it will be using the most up-to-date voter registration list, which includes the 220 voters who registered too late to take part in the 19 Dec. referendum.

“This is another way we can practise our democratic rights on a matter in a private way; we are able to allow them to take part even though they might feel disenfranchised from the referendum,” said CVNS executive member Eden Hurlston.

He said the group will be surveying people at various venues and events ahead of Referendum Day for those who cannot take part in the vote.
Registered voters who are abroad may vote via postal ballot, Bryan added, noting that “they have to recognise the executive members will be able to see what their answers are” as well as their names.

The group plans to make its survey results available to the public.


Survey questions:

1. Should the Cayman Islands legalise a national lottery?
2. Should the Cayman Islands legalise casinos?
3. Should the Cayman Islands legalise same-sex marriage?
4. Should the Cayman Islands legalise same-sex civil union?
5. Should the Cayman Islands decriminalise marijuana, beyond medical use?
6. Should the Cayman Islands legalise marijuana, beyond medicinal use?


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