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Premier: No referendum on Election Day

The government has ruled out holding a people-initiated referendum on Election Day on May 2021, because it has abandoned the proposed $200 million cruise berthing and cargo port project.

Court of Appeal rules on port referendum decision

At the heart of the legal battle is a question of how section 70 of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order is to be interpreted. Section 70 deals with people-initiated referendums.

Appeal hearing on port referendum law concludes

Legal counsel representing Cruise Port Referendum Cayman opened the second day of arguments before the Court of Appeal on Thursday, outlining its case against the Port Referendum Law and government’s approach to the people-initiated referendum. 

Court of Appeal hears port referendum case

The Cayman Islands government opened arguments in defence of its port referendum law Wednesday morning, appearing before the Court of Appeal over Zoom video.

Premier: Cruise referendum no longer on government’s agenda

Government has no plans to proceed with a referendum on the cruise port project, despite its decision to continue with a legal appeal connected to the proposed $200 million development.

Cruise referendum appeal set to go ahead via video-link

The court battle over plans for a referendum on a planned cruise port in Cayman is set to go ahead via video-link on 6 May.

Report looks at impact of new port design

Government and Verdant Isle Port Partners have submitted an environmental assessment scoping update on the $200 million cruise berthing and cargo project to the Environmental Advisory Board.

Revised voters list to be released

The Elections Office will publish its latest revised voters list on Tuesday, 21 Jan.

Buckle up

Plans for national survey uncertain if referendum is delayed

The status of the Caymanian Voices National Survey remains uncertain should the 19 Dec. cruise port referendum be delayed due to legal action, CNVS...

Interactive map: How the port will impact life in the harbour

Much of the debate around the cruise berthing facility has centered on the potential impact on the wrecks and reefs in the harbour. Amid conflicting reports about the health of the marine life in the impacted area, we enlisted the help of underwater photographer Courtney Platt and produced an interactive graphic to demonstrate exactly what lies beneath the glassy surface.

Port opponents kick off campaign with rally

A crowd of more than 200 people filled much of Celebration Park in downtown George Town Wednesday night as the Cayman Port Referendum group held its first rally in the runup to the 19 Dec. vote.

DoE should take part in public meetings on port

At the Red Bay and Prospect ‘public information session’ Tuesday night, the Cayman Islands government and Verdant Isle Port Partners consortium representatives said that...

EDITORIAL: Have your say

The idea behind the upcoming 19 Dec. referendum on government’s proposed $200 million cruise berthing and cargo port facility is to allow the public...

19 Dec confirmed as referendum date

Government published the regulations to the Referendum (People Initiated Referendum Regarding the Port) Law this week, confirming the poll question and the date of 19 Dec.

Cruise port debate: What your representative said

What each Member of the Legislative Assembly said in the house during the port referendum debate.

Government passes port referendum bill

Government passed a bill Wednesday afternoon paving the way for the historic people-initiated referendum on the port project to go ahead.

Breakdown: Which electoral districts showed biggest support for the referendum?

Campaign group Cruise Port Referendum Cayman has released a statistical breakdown showing how many voters signed the petition calling for a vote on the piers in each constituency.

First batch of postal ballots heads out next week

Cayman is roughly one and a half months away from its first people’s-initiated referendum with staff at the Elections Office expecting to send out the first batch of postal ballots from 5-8 Nov.

Premier urges Caymanians to ‘choose prosperity’

Painting the issue as a choice between “prosperity and decline”, Premier Alden McLaughlin tabled a bill for a referendum on the cruise and cargo port project Monday.

Referendum campaigners go door-to-door

Campaign group Cruise Port Referendum Cayman has released a statistical breakdown showing how many voters signed the petition calling for a vote on the piers in each constituency.

Campaigners consider legal action on eve of port debate

Lawyers acting for the Cruise Port Referendum Cayman campaign group are considering legal action if government pushes ahead with its current plans for a December poll.

Governor encourages large referendum turnout

Governor Martyn Roper has encouraged as many Caymanians as possible to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming people-initiated referendum on the controversial cruise port project.

Deceased voters will be removed for referendum poll

A total of 45 deceased voters are still on the 1 Oct. electors register, but Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell has confirmed that those deceased electors will be cleared off the voters list that is being used for the Referendum Day poll.

Port opponents lay out poll strategy

About 35 supporters of the Cruise Port Referendum Cayman group crowded into a small basement room in Sunset House on Thursday night to talk...

Gov’t runs 4,376 pro-port radio ads

The Cayman Islands government has run more than 4,000 Radio Cayman adverts as part of its ‘Support our Tourism’ campaign promoting the cruise and cargo berthing development, according to a Freedom of Information response.
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Referendum Day holiday gazetted

The 19 Dec. date was gazetted this week and will facilitate the vote on government’s $200 million cruise berthing and cargo port facility, which Premier Alden McLaughlin announced last week.

McLean: 19 Dec. ‘worst possible time’ for referendum

Opposition leader Arden McLean says government’s scheduled referendum date of 19 Dec. is the “worst possible time” to hold the historic vote.

Campaign group calls for record turnout at referendum

Campaign group Cruise Port Referendum Cayman has welcomed the publication of the Referendum Bill and called for Caymanians to turn out in record numbers...

Youth group spells out anti-port message

Students from Cayman’s environmental youth movement met cruise line executives Wednesday and urged them to think again about the project to build new piers in George Town Harbour.

Cruise port referendum target reached

Cayman is heading for its first ever people initiated referendum after the Election's Office confirmed it has verified 5,305 signatures from registered voters - taking the petition past the target required to trigger a national vote on the cruise port project.

EDITORIAL – Petition verification must be thorough, swift and fair

A decision of this size, scope and historic significance should not be determined by a race to the finish line.


Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – Getting up to speed on port decision

With the very real possibility of the question coming to referendum, the time has officially come for readers to redirect their attention to these discussions and to educate themselves about the issues at hand.

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