Twelve primary schools across Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac took part Saturday in what officials described as the biggest swim meet yet hosted at the Lions pool.

A record-breaking 384 students from private and government schools competed in the competition, which featured swimmers from Year 3 to Year 6.

The all-day event saw Cayman International School top the other primary schools, with 496 overall points. For the boys, CIS dominated, taking first place with 283 points, Cayman Prep primary school took second place with 164 points, and St. Ignatius Catholic School came third with 154 points.

For the girls, it was Cayman Prep primary school that took gold with 279 points, CIS took silver with 213 points, and St. Ignatius Catholic School took bronze with 125 points. While three of the seven private schools topped the overall point chart, Cayman Brac Primary took first among the public schools, placing fourth overall.

Students take part in the swim meet at the Lions pool on Saturday.

“Logistically, we could only bring over 18 swimmers, and even at that, we came in first of the government schools, fourth overall. With our new 25-metre pool finally on line, we are sure to develop and grow our team,” said Cayman Brac coach Susan Hundt.

Cayman’s senior swimming instructor and coach Ryan Mushin added, “Over the years, we have been growing our programmes, especially in the primary schools. It’s a testament to how hard the principals, Director of Sports Collin Anglin and Ms. Gloria Bell have been helping to assist the process by allowing more numbers and access to swimming in the other districts, and it shows with the increase in the number of participants over the years in the primary meet, and also the increased number of points scored in the primary meet.”

Overall team scores

Cayman International School’s Kaia Lilford

Cayman International School  496
Cayman Prep Primary School  443
Saint Ignatius Catholic School  279
Cayman Brac Primary  49
Sir John A Cumber Primary  41
Prospect Primary School  32
Grace Christian Academy  24
Triple C School  15
Bodden Town Primary School  7
George Town Primary School  5
Cayman Academy  3
Footsteps  2



Girls team scores
Cayman Prep Primary School  279
Cayman International School  213
Saint Ignatius Catholic School  125
Sir John A Cumber Primary  38
Prospect Primary School  14
Triple C School  13
Cayman Brac Primary  5
Grace Christian Academy  4
Cayman Academy  3
Footsteps  2


Boys team scores
Cayman International School  283
Cayman Prep Primary School  164
Saint Ignatius Catholic School  154
Cayman Brac Primary  44
Grace Christian Academy  20
Prospect Primary School  18
Bodden Town Primary School  7
George Town Primary School  5
Sir John A Cumber Primary  3
Triple C School  2