PwC renews its support for junior tennis in Cayman

Cayman’s junior tennis players can look forward to another year of local tournaments, as PwC has renewed its sponsorship with a $10,000 donation to the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands. Those funds will cover the costs of the 2020 series of seven two-day junior tournaments, known as the PwC Junior Circuit, for players aged 10 and under, 14 and under, and 18 and under, according to a TFCI press release.

Last year, the circuit attracted more than 50 contestants, most of whom played in at least four tournaments. The Tennis Federation will use some of the funds to help finance the Elite Squad, a group of top players of all ages who receive weekly specialist coaching.

“The PwC Junior Tennis Circuit continues to challenge and encourage young players to develop their tennis skills in a supportive and enjoyable environment,” said PwC’s Craig Smith in the rekease. “The accompanying discipline, mental fortitude and social skills have shown benefits in their game and beyond the court. The Circuit continues to positively impact these young people and is now spreading even further with the latest outreach into the schools. We are proud of the work being done and to be a long-standing sponsor.”

Tennis Federation president Susan Lindsay added, “As always, we are truly grateful to PwC for their continued support of junior tennis in Cayman, which runs the PwC Junior Circuit and Elite Squad. Without PwC’s continued sponsorship, it would be impossible for the TFCI to run these events, which so many juniors thoroughly enjoy and get to experience tournament play in Cayman.

“PwC’s sponsorship over the years had been part of a steady rise of ambition and standards in Cayman junior tennis, as evidenced by five of Cayman top juniors attending the Island Games in Gibraltar this year. “Furthermore, PwC’s sponsorship has enabled us to provide training for the Government school PE teachers so that hopefully (we) can see more children enjoying tennis and the sport growing in Cayman.”