Cayman needs Caymanian tradespeople

I work as a tradesman in construction here, in this beautiful country, and I must say there is no reason almost every tradesman in my company should be on a work permit; maybe a couple, maybe, but not the majority in this day and age.

I am watching the news about the ‘biggest stories of 2019’ and one of the stories is, of course, the port, the father of the red herrings your government wants you to focus on. If a port is in place how many jobs will it create? Hundreds possibly? And what is the purpose of people coming to the island? To spend money? To invest back into an economy to grow.

Who will build the houses for this growing economy that this port has funded? Who will build this port? Who will build the roads and its related infrastructure? Who will literally build the rest of the island? Not the Caymanians, because their government has intentionally ignored this ageing issue of the dumpster fire that is this island’s education system and it is appalling.

Think about this fact for one minute: there is proof of established trade/artisan schools in the world since before Christ’s birth! We are in 2020 and there is not an established trade school in this country!

The wealthiest country in the Caribbean! Why? It’s not the money. You could easily have a for-profit school system here just like they have all over the world and they are very successful … so why hasn’t it happened?

Absolutely no good reason except that your government is not doing their job. Building a port, gay marriage or whatever the government has got you intentionally concerned about this month is not even on a comparable scale to not having a basic education in a country as well off as this one. You should have my job! I’m with you!

Chris Pine

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