Please reopen the beaches

It has now been 30 days since the government put the first of the new rules and regulations in place. After having read the recap from yesterday’s (14 April) press briefing, I feel obligated to say what seems obvious to me but which none of our leaders are saying.

When I go out on one of my designated shopping days, I see cars parked in front of residences and I see empty parking lots at retail establishments, office buildings, bars and restaurants. I see folks here and there out exercising and walking their dogs. I see a few cars on the road, not many. I see folks making the best of their current situations.

When I sit in my yard, I hear the neighbours playing cricket in their yard. I smell food on the grill and I hear Rooster FM on the radio of a neighbour tending to their garden. I hear roosters crowing, chicks chirping and birds singing. I hear the police helicopter overhead. I don’t hear cars on the road.

I see roughly 68,000 people complying with the new laws. I see 68,000 people trying to make do with what they have. I see far more compliance than non-compliance. This should be a source of pride and accomplishment for our leaders. Instead, they are threatening us with complete lockdown for 21 days and the loss of access to the beaches indefinitely.

With all this in mind, I respectfully request the return of the beaches to the public: 67,750 people are complying (based on previously reported figures) and should receive access to the beaches and ocean – with strictly defined and implemented rules for personal distancing and groups – as our reward. The government can ticket, fine and prosecute anyone who does not conform.

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Job well done, Cayman! Stay Home to Save Lives.

Brandy Flanagan

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