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Bermuda going back into lockdown; premier has COVID

Bermuda government officials announced Sunday that the country will go back into lockdown from Tuesday morning for at least seven days after 118 people tested positive over the weekend.

Johnson locks down England as UK COVID-19 cases pass 1 million

Prime Minister Boris Johnson ordered England back into a national lockdown after the UK passed the milestone of 1 million COVID-19 cases, and a second wave of infections threatened to overwhelm the health service.

Britain says it is doing everything it can to avoid national lockdown

Britain will do everything it can to avoid ordering a second national COVID-19 lockdown because it believes it will do more harm than good to the country, a minister said on Thursday.

England’s pubs ponder pasties to beat lockdown curbs

Pub owners across England's COVID-19 hotspots were on Tuesday pondering a question that could decide if they survive or sink due to the coronavirus lockdown: when is a pub a pub, and when does it become a restaurant?

Economy should be fully opened

I find it very sad that our people are divided over the dangers of COVID, and the response of our government. This began as a...

No reason to maintain the lockdown

The lockdown was implemented to ‘flatten the curve’ and prevent our hospitals being overwhelmed. Instead of a curve, we had a blip of one...

Maintain the lockdown but open the beaches

We are suffering, all together, this long-lasting shutdown. I’d like to put a proposal on the table: not to release the lockdown but only to...

Social distancing could be here to stay

When Cayman comes out of lockdown, it will be into a new world of heightened sanitation, continued social distancing and ongoing monitoring of public health.

Please reopen the beaches

It has now been 30 days since the government put the first of the new rules and regulations in place. After having read the...
Police Commissioner Derek Byrne

One person arrested for breaking curfew

Police arrested one man and warned two other people for prosecution for breaking the first night of Cayman’s island wide curfew on Tuesday.

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