Economy should be fully opened

I find it very sad that our people are divided over the dangers of COVID, and the response of our government.

This began as a well-meaning humanitarian response, when a seriously ill Italian tourist was brought ashore from a cruise ship that had been denied safe harbour in other countries.

It is easy to be wise after the event but, knowing the risk, the paramedics at the scene should have had hazmat suits to bring the patient ashore.

Health City should then have put him in full isolation, with their staff [using] personal protective equipment. 

We know what happened next and the port and airport closure was a good decision.

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However, there were no subsequent deaths or overload of hospital resources.

The closure of the economy could therefore be considered a knee-jerk reaction, though no doubt our government was following [World Health Organization] guidelines.

The consequences have been devastating as closure of the economy caused job losses and the deportation (‘repatriation’) of guest workers that put them at risk elsewhere. This was not Caymankind.

Throughout the lockdown, the government has been presenting negative statistics (cases, tests) and this has caused great anxiety. It would have been more reassuring if they had told us the good news each day that no one was dying, and no one was in [the intensive care unit] or seriously ill with COVID.

I hope the government gets the economy opened up soon before people realise that the emperor has no clothes.

Matthew Thomson

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  1. Matthew, could not agree more …. ALL Governments around the world should have used a 60 days shut down to focus on the following:


    1) 30 day 100% isolation – 1 person per week to visit a grocery store)
    1a) if we are all locked down, the odds of spread to grocery stores and Hardware
    stores employees would be drastically diminished
    2) Immediate fiscal replacement for working wages, NOT small payments
    3) Immediate stop of all rents, mortgages and bills
    4) Isolation tracing mechanisms (people don’t mind tracing if they are still getting paid)
    5) Rapid test kits for individuals – this would assist in opening the economy faster (#4)
    6) Faster systematic opening of the economies

    What we really did was listen to, The WHO, and did a full scale panic and absolutely collapsed everything.

    The recovery will be very slow due to the rapid stop and drop mentality. When you panic, you cant make logical decisions. Unfortunately Cayman will be a shell of its self when Alden decides to open. Cayman CAN NOT support a bustling local economy, there are no resources to sell into the world economy, yes you have a financial industry, but unless you switch gears and globalize it, it to, will not feed the island. You are an island, you need the people of the world to use your island, I agree, it needs to be more controlled till there is a vaccine or therapy drugs, the latter seems more realistic.

    I hope the world does recover fast versus slow, I hope everyone stays healthy …. what I unfortunately believe is we will not learn from our lessons, and the next big SAR’s event unfortunately will trigger the same response.

    Stay safe/healthy everyone, I look forward to visiting Cayman once again in the future!