No reason to maintain the lockdown

The lockdown was implemented to ‘flatten the curve’ [of COVID-19 cases] and prevent our hospitals being overwhelmed.

Instead of a curve, we had a blip of one death, then a flat line of zero deaths. Our hospitals and ICUs have been very quiet so the reasons for the lockdown are no longer valid.

There is no longer any reason for an alphabet lockdown (A-K and L-Z) so this can safely end, and [the government can] permit essential trips every day.

This would be a sign that the government cares for its people, life will seem more normal, and it will instil a sense of calm.

This will also allow police to go back to their normal shift pattern so the Sunday lockdown could also end now.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued guidelines for churches to open, so this should happen in Cayman before the weekend as there is no medical reason to delay.

Robert Locke

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