Use sargassum as compost

Here in Pennsylvania, we can compost leaves, lawn grass cuttings, and other short greenery. We cannot easily compost long grass cuttings and any sticks. 

It seems similar in the Cayman Islands – seaweed from the beach is very compostable, whereas palm leaves and branches are not. Creating tons of compostable material could help Cayman become more food ‘independent’. What are the barriers?

I don’t even know how many farms there are (or potential acreage for growing), or demand for soil improvement. I do have, however, a strong attitude about growing: It is all about the dirt.

One comment regarding the recent article, “Report calls for ‘green stimulus’ to drive post-COVID-19 recovery”: While on a trip to Antarctica, we stopped at a hydroponic garden in the Falklands. On just a few acres, they grew all the vegetables for the Falklands, the Antarctic occupants, and the cruise ships that go between Argentina, Chile, South Georgia, and the Falklands. It was quite impressive, and all chemical driven (not about the dirt).

Would hydroponics be practical for Cayman? I have no idea.

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Personally, my gardens continue to look to improve the dirt.

Clyde Beers

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