I am struggling to understand the government’s approach to opening the Sandbar to charter boats but not to privately owned boats.

I have fully supported the government’s handling of the pandemic and I am very grateful to them for putting us in such an enviable position worldwide, but it feels that families who want to quietly enjoy the Sandbar on their own boats are being put at a disadvantage to charter boats.

If it is for environmental reasons, then the volume of visitors will be greatly reduced without cruise-ship visitors. If it is a concern about a large number of boats, lack of social distancing and loud music, that I am all against, then surely this is a law-enforcement issue and can be managed with a marine police presence. If it is to help charter boat businesses, then I am not someone who will be going on their boats in any case.

We have followed all the rules from the beginning of lockdown and it seems unfair that on staycation over the summer I have to take my family to the Sandbar on a charter boat where we will mix with other people, rather than use our own boat with my family only, where I can control our social distancing with other persons who are in the water.

Richard McMillan  

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