Man found guilty of animal cruelty

Dog loses eye due to inadequate care

A Bodden Town businessman who caused a dog to lose an eye after denying it adequate veterinary care has been convicted of one count of animal cruelty after a two-day trial in Summary Court.

According to court documents, animal welfare officers of the Department of Agriculture were called out to Sydney Porter’s home in November last year. While at the scene, they spoke to Porter about reports they had received concerning him breeding dogs.

“Mr. Porter made it clear he was doing so, but after going through a divorce he stopped and only kept for himself one dog which he called ‘Special’,” according to a court file.

When officers enquired about the dog, Porter led them to a pen where he kept Special, the file said.

“As he entered the pen, the dog ran away from him quickly into a corner and began shivering heavily,” stated the file. “Mr. Porter called the dog multiple times, but it refused  to go to him; this caused him to reach into the pen and lift the dog out as it continued to shiver.”

According to the file, the officers became concerned and, upon further inspection of the dog, they realised its left eye was injured. The file said the officers advised Porter to immediately seek veterinary care for the dog. However, Porter is said to have failed to do so for several days.

When Porter eventually brought the dog to the vet, he surrendered the animal to the Cayman Islands Humane Society after receiving an expensive bill, according to the court file. A DoA officer confirmed that the eye could not be saved and that the dog has subsequently been adopted by a new family.

Porter was charged with one count of animal cruelty, to which he pleaded not guilty.

Following a two-day trial last month, he was convicted of the offence and ordered to pay a fine of $2,500 or spend three months in prison.

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