Malfunctioning stoplight to be fixed by week’s end

Motorists approach the malfunctioning traffic lights at the intersection of Shedden Road and Eastern Avenue. - Photo: Andrel Harris

Motorists are being advised to travel with caution when using the traffic lights at the junction of Shedden Road and Eastern Avenue in George Town.

For the last three days, the lights facing Eastern Avenue have blinked red, while the lights facing Shedden Road have blinked amber, after a crucial component called the ‘conflict control module’ stopped working.

“The lights are currently in default mode,” said Ed Howard, director of the National Roads Authority. “We’ve ordered the module and expected it to arrive today [Thursday], so hopefully we will have the light working again by Friday.”

Howard said it’s not clear why the conflict control module stopped working, but he believes it could have been either due to a power surge or insects, or it could have naturally arrived at its expiry date.

“We haven’t had an issue like this with this particular stoplight for some time now, so we will have to do some more investigation to find the cause,” said Howard. “We normally have spares that we would use to quickly bring the stoplights back online, but we’ve used up all our spares for the year.”

While at the intersection, Cayman Compass staff witnessed that most motorists used the malfunctioning intersection with relative ease. However, there were some drivers whose hesitation caused traffic to temporarily back up.

Until the traffic lights are repaired, Howard said motorists should treat the junction in the same way they would a four-way stop, with a first come, first served approach.

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