Cayman watches on as US election results trickle in

The US polls have closed, and now the world watches with bated breath as the presidential election tallying continues. Here in Cayman, it’s no different, as people watch the results in their homes or at bars and restaurants across the islands.

At The Lodge bar on West Bay, for example, law firm Nelsons was hosting an election party on Tuesday night.

“We are lucky in Cayman that we can have events like this. There are not many places in the world where you can do this right now,” said Steven Barrie, managing director of the  law firm.

Nelsons’ bipartisan election party welcomed supporters from both the Democrat and Republican parties.

“We made a definite effort to get posters and flags from both sides because we didn’t want to be showing bias toward either side,” said Barrie.

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“I think it’s important that people have made the effort in the US to go out and vote, because it’s important for them,” he added. “For somewhere like Cayman, what happens in the US is very important for us. Obviously, we have no influence over what happens there, but I think it’s in everyone’s interest to be informed and to understand how things are progressing.”

The election results may not be known until well past midnight, or even later, partly due to the increased number of postal ballots this year. Most polls closed at 9pm, Cayman time, with midwestern and western US states closing from 10pm to as late as 1am in Alaska. In the 2016 election, the results were announced around 2:30am, Cayman time.

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